Tara Mussulman Planning
This past weekend, I attended District Training Assembly as one of the last planning and preparation sessions offered by District 5100. It was valuable time spent with Pearl Rotarians (six PPRC members, including incoming Interact co-presidents and their club advisor) and other Rotarians in our district. The day was spent in continued conversations about leadership, the direction our district and respective clubs are taking, and how to create a club culture that is supportive, welcoming and dynamic for its members.

As I am working out the finer details of the coming year, I really want to celebrate Portland Pearl Rotary. I want to further enrich our Rotary soil, gaining even more strength and stability. How am I and us as a collective group going to accomplish this? Here are a few ideas and plans I have up my sleeve:

  • Our Tuesday morning meeting will be a gathering of Pearl Rotary family members and friends. We will come together to collaborate and connect with one another in addition to having great speakers that will enlighten and inform.
  • There will be more opportunities to gather in fellowship and service.
  • We will have quarterly club assembly meetings to give us an opportunity to focus as a club on specific projects and initiatives.
  • Working within the committee structure to engage members in dynamic fellowship.
  • But most importantly, we will employ the fifth pillar of the five-way test – Will it Be Fun?

What I have accomplished and am working on right now: We have just started the budgeting process and getting an outline of the club’s projected revenue and liabilities. Thanks to the fantastic work of our club treasurer, Jeff Pratt, and Pearl Fund Chair Dave Bangsund, this will be a relatively painless process. I am also working with committee chairs about what their goals will be for the 2017-2018 year as well as identifying a stretch goal for the committee.

One of the suggested resources that was given to us at Pre-PETS and PETs was reading, “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action,” by Simon Sinek. The premise is “…people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.”

So if we apply this to Rotary and why people should be members and active in our club, it’s not sufficient enough to say, we’re a service organization that gives back to the community. In a stroke of clarity at PETS, I came up with a version of WHY people should jump on the Rotary bandwagon.

As Rotarians, everything we do makes the world a better place. We are passionate business and community leaders engaged in service. Care to join us in changing the world?

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