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Friday, 6 July 2007
Izzakate Arrives Home from Turkey

Could it be age?  Izzy arrived only an hour and a half late after travelling half way around the world looking fresh and happy. There to greet rebound exchange student, Izzakate McGowan, on arrival from Turkey with balloons, smiles, and hugs were Donna Tallman, Ivy Nelson, and Myron Fehr.  She was wearing the trademark blue […]

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Tuesday, 26 June 2007
New Club Leadership Presents Plans for 2007-08

Incoming Pearl Rotary President Ivy Nelson presented her Club leadership team for 2007-08 at the June 26 meeting, and described plans and ideas for the coming Club year that arose at a planning retreat she convened on June 25. Key proposals that enjoyed consensus of the planning retreat, Nelson said, and earmarked for further development […]

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Tuesday, 26 June 2007
Fehr Reviews Club's 2006-7 Accomplishments

Outgoing Pearl Rotary President Myron Fehr reviewed a string of Club accomplishments in 2006-07 at his last turn with the gavel on June 26. He handed out kudos to many Club members who contributed to these accomplishments. Fehr cited these achievements among his long list: Creation and expansion of a strong partnership with Lincoln High […]

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Wednesday, 16 May 2007
Lincoln High School Constitution Team

We had a rare treat when the award-winning Lincoln High School Constitution Team visited us this week. They answered questions few of us in the room could have touched, even our local attorneys. Lincoln High School has won the national competition three times, and this team showed us why. They also gave us an excellent […]

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Friday, 11 May 2007
Board Approves Club Bylaws Revision

Pearl Rotary Bylaws governing makeup of the Club's Board, duties of Officers, fees and dues, and method of electing new members are the key areas to be revised under a new version of ther bylaws approved May 10 by the Club's Board of Directors. The revised bylaws, as published on Clubrunner since February 23 and […]

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Monday, 7 May 2007
Photos of Outbound Student


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Thursday, 12 April 2007
Board Approves Club Fundraiser

Cinco de Mayo, May 4-6, in Portland's Waterfront Park will be the scene of Pearl Rotary's fundraising effort to support the Bomberos Project for delivery of surplus firefighting equipment to the Guadalajara, Mexico metro area. The fundraising decision was one of several made by the Pearl Rotary Board at its April 12 meeting. Pearl Rotary […]

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Thursday, 12 April 2007
First "Fresh Ideas" Meeting Set

The first meeting of Pearl Rotary's newly formed "fresh ideas" committee is scheduled for Tuesday, April 17, immediately after the regular Club meeting, according to committee chair, Marc Dooley. Location: World Cup in the Ecotrust Bldg. Purpose of the group is to bring new ideas to the Club for programs, projects and other activities. Under […]

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Sunday, 15 June 1975
Portland Industrial Rotary Formed

The Portland Pearl Rotary Club began as the Portland Industrial Rotary club in 1975, and served the NW Industrial area. We were a small club, meeting first in the Industrial area, then moving to the Multnomah Athletic Club.

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