Community service committee outreach continues tradition of "Service Above Self"

Posted on: Monday, 11 October 2021

It was a catalogue of volunteer connections fostered by the Pearl Rotary Club's community service committee. (Please check out their brand new web page!)

It also was a call for expanded opportunities to give time and talent to our local community. And it was obvious too that our efforts haven't diminished during the COVID era. Instead they've expanded.

Bob and Natalie

Directors Bob Turner and Natalie Teschendorf (pictured) guided Rotarians through no less than 11 alliances that are now in place.

Well-known are the club's long-standing connections with Meals on Wheels (pictured are Paul Thompson and Dawn Schneider delivering Sept. 29) and Transition Projects. Well-established in recent years have been Rotarians' service to NAYA (Native American Youth and Family Center), Street Roots, New Avenues for Youth, District 5100 Dictionary Project and Growing Gardens.

MOW Paul and Dawn

Added to the roster of late have been Friends of Trees, Airway Science for Kids, Children's Book Bank and Financial Beginnings. The meeting also saw a committee survey seeing feedback about member's individual experience with each community partner.

And the days that followed included electronic requests for volunteers at upcoming partner events. (Periodically, special events lead to club volunteerism. On Sunday, Oct. 3, 18 Pearl Rotarians and three partners participated by cheering on runners, handing our water, etc. The effort raised $1,400 for the Pearl Fund, the club's non-profit. And among those 18 were new member John Kuiper and his wife, Berri.)

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