Club Meeting

Club Meeting

Tuesday, 20 February 2018 @ 7:15 am – 8:30 am
EcoTrust Building
721 NW 9th Ave #200
Portland, OR 97209

 Program: How Huber’s Has Stayed in Business for 139 years

 Speaker: James Louie, Co-Owner of Huber’s Restaurant

Huber’s was established in 1879 at the corner of 1st and Morrison in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was originally called “The Bureau Saloon” until it was purchased by Mr. Frank Huber and the name was changed to Huber’s. Then in 1891, Mr. Huber hired Jim Louie, a Chinese immigrant, to do the cooking. In those days if you bought a drink you would get a free turkey sandwich and some coleslaw. With just a few booths and bench seats in the old bar, most of the patrons would go around and converse with a drink in one hand and a turkey sandwich in the other. This is how the turkey tradition started at Huber’s.

Come hear James Louie, a descendent of the original Jim Louie, tell us how Huber’s has stayed in business for over a century and a third.

 Sorry, there will be no Spanish Coffee served.


Please join us at our frolicking, fun and informative breakfast meeting. You’ll find us at the Ecotrust Building in the beautiful Pearl District of Portland, Oregon on Tuesday mornings at 7:15 am. Visitors are always welcome (there is a $10 guest fee which covers a light breakfast).

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