Exchange is Back!

Posted on: Monday, 23 May 2022

The Spring Conference has traditionally been the time for exchange students, both inbound and outbound, to have the final training for outbounds and last chance for the inbounds to get together before heading to their home countries.  Last year, of course, there were neither inbounds nor outbounds, but this year there are 31 outbound students from District 5100 - about three-quarters of the number pre-Covid.

Our Club can be very proud of our outbound, Jett Barker.  He was a semi-finalist in the speech competition, where each student has to give a 5 minute speech on themselves.

Then, in the Talent Show, this polite, fairly-reserved seeming young man, rocked the stage along with two other students in a lip-sync’d dance to “Call Me Everything” by Pitbull.  It was a rollicking fun piece which was a real crowd pleaser.

By the end of the evening, the contingent of Pearl Rotarians watching the Talent Show were convinced Jett was a great choice as our outbound student next year.  He seems set to have a great exchange year in Argentina next year. 

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