Ideas for Positive Living

Posted on: Friday, 15 October 2021

Author, motivational speaker and champion of positive thinking (and intelligence), Dorice Horenstein brought her message of changing lives to Pearl Rotarians Oct. 12.

Humans have between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day, science of the brain has revealed. "Eighty to eighty-five percent are negative.. but most don't happen," Dorice said, speaking virtually to the club's hybrid breakfast meeting.

After introductions by Rotarians Adam Steckel and Alan Bacharach, both friends of the speaker, issues of stress management, difficult people in our lives, work/life balance and "mental fitness" were addressed.

Dorice also encouraged empathy, curiosity and creativity as attributes needed in forming and nurturing human relationships.

"Moments of the Heart" is the title of her 2020 self-help book. To Rotarians she shared how Rotarians can enjoy "relationships to live life 'whole' heartedly" (from the book's subtitle).

Tuesday Morning at 7:30am
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