In service to veterans, K9 Kavalry links trained dogs to continue camaraderie

Posted on: Monday, 11 April 2022

K9 Kavalry, represented by Dan Regester and "Ranger," a trained adult male chocolate labrador, came to Pearl Rotary to share the story of service to veterans from the Clark Co. (WA)-based non-profit.

K9K's mission, from its website (, is to "provide dog training and camaraderie" to veterans, many of whom are challenged with PTSD from their time in the military. The friendship and accompaniment of a dog can ease "social anxiety that presents itself in public," Regester said.

For veterans and the canines, videos are used in training. K9K now has 50 dogs in their card file in a program that reaches across the USA. "We operate like a military unit," Regester explained. The Zoom world has been an asset.

"To help, we believe dogs can be of service to vets." Regester presented photos of different dogs, their ages and bios (See Ranger's background from the electronic card file in the attached image). "Finding a dog that a veteran loves"--that's a combination the organization seeks.

K9 Kavalry uses military practices and wording throughout its website and Facebook site. Consider "Basic training" for the servicemen and dogs:

"Basic training covers leadership dynamics, basic obedience dog training principles, and an immersive breakdown of canine communication. They also include live demonstration, Q&A, instructional videos, and more."

Ranger did roam the in-person PPRC meeting, obeyed verbal commands and was poised at posing for pictures. The intro was provided by former Pearl Rotarian Roger Devine.

Tuesday Morning at 7:30am
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