Lincoln senior (and Eagle Scout) honored as Pearl's student of the month

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 January 2024

Srikrishna Prasannan, active both on the campus of Lincoln High School and off, was honored Jan. 30 as Pearl Rotary's student of the month. The LHS senior was introduced by Rotarian Tara Mussulman and was also congratulated by Peyton Chapman, principal (and honorary Rotarian).

Said Peyton: "(Srikirshna) brings joy to Lincoln and makes teachers want to be an educater."

At his high school, he is active in the ski club, a member of the Indian student union, serves as an ambassador, is utilized as a teaching assistant and volunteers on the Audio Engineering Tech Crew.

Outside the school walls, Srikrishna has organized a clothing drive for the Blanchard House, volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank, and through Scouts has given volunteer time; he earned his Eagle Scout rank through a bookcase/TV stand building project for an area non-profit.

Pursuing the coveted Eagle rank "taught me how to live life on my own," he told Rotarians. "I gave back to my community."

He shared in writing: "My future plan is to get a degree in architecture. I have already obtained admission to two of my top choices--the University of Oregon and Arizona State University. In my college programs, I plan on taking more architecture/design classes and courses to help me gain more experience and skills to design innovative buildings/structures that are ecologically sustainable and yet socially very inviting…

"During my undergraduate program, I would love to take up practical internships with professors and other companies/firms to extend my experience. I am very determined to gain a thorough understanding of all the components that go into creating an effective architectural design. This includes studying topics like environmental concerns, structural and other engineering aspects, and incorporating modern technologies in architecture. I want to be a licensed architect with a reputation for innovative classical designs.

"As I finish my undergraduate, I plan to look for a graduate program to specialize in the field of sustainable design. The world's resources are limited and I feel strongly that we have to be responsible and conserve our resources. With modern construction materials, I believe that we can build strong structures that take up less materials and are functional for society. As I gain experience, I would like to start my architecture firm specializing in innovative cool designs--commercial and residential."

He said of his parents: "My parents inspire me. My parents are very hardworking and know how to do many things the correct way. My parents always tell me, that if you work hard it will pay off for sure. You show God your respect, and God in return, will show you something magical and amazing. Always do your hard work and it will pay off."

Srikrishna was further directed at the end of the PPRC questionnaire: "Feel free to add anything else we should know about you."

"Professional Ghatam (Indian Clay Pot) Performer--Sankara Drumming School and IndianRaga: I frequently accompany music concerts and dance concerts/arangetrams in the Pacific NW. I collaborate with international performers as an IndianRaga percussion fellow."

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