"Making a Difference"--That is What Rotarians Do, Says Governor

Posted on: Friday, 15 September 2017

Rotary 5100 District Governor Renee Campbell visits PPRC
For District Governor Renee Campbell, the power of the Rotary wheel--and members' volunteerism--is "fueled by our desire for service."

Speaking Aug. 29 to Portland Pearl Rotary, the 5100 leader both celebrated and encouraged Rotarians in a talk that covered the 2017-28 Rotary theme (Making a Difference), polio eradication, leadership development, local and worldwide projects, and fun/fellowship.

Rotarians "make a difference, change the world," Renee observed. "Surely we'd be missed if (Rotary) didn't exist."

The worldwide effort to end polio, she said, is indicative of the the combined achievement of clubs and individual Rotarians: "We all recognize that power, that we apply it, are proud of it, and share it."

Projects large and small, the Salem Rotarian said, contribute to a better world. She spoke specifically about polio--the three-decade-old effort Rotary spearheaded. "This could be the year that we see the last polio case on earth," Renee said. She called the goal "audacious."

And, using her fingers to show just an inch of space left: "Now we are this close!"

New members to Rotary, she said, tend to join for the local service opportunities. "They stay because friendships develop." The essence of Rotary combines leadership possibilities, service and friendship, the DG believes.

Renee turned her attention to the Rotarians in the room at Ecotrust: "Portland Pearl Rotary is exceptional. Your members and projects (show) progress and success."

She then saluted Rotarian Jack Bradley as "a person of action" (see following story).

Back behind the podium, Renee returned to her theme of making a difference in Rotary: "We can accomplish so much more in the world together than we could ever do alone...We are Rotarians; we make a difference; and that, my friends, is the power of the wheel."

The governor was given gifts from PPRC of wine and a gift certificate to Powell's by President Tara Mussulman. Renee then spent another 20 minutes with the club board and DGE Jim Flood, who had made the DG introduction.

2017-2018 District Governor Renee Campbell with President Tara Mussulman

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