Mid-year review started at Jan. 9 meeting

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 January 2024

President Diane Brandsma opened the session by observing that the Pearl Club "keeps moving forward to make a difference in our local community and our global community."

She saluted in ways beyond the traditional local and world volunteerism of Rotarians. "We help our friends…we are a community that cares…we are a vibrant club…it takes all of us."

For those who lead committees, Diane expressed a special measure of gratitude--an act she typically starts meeting with during her presidential tenure.

Perhaps a dozen committee reports were planned but time allowed just five: Nick, treasurer, budget; Natalie Teschendorf, co-chair, community service; Adam Steckel, international service; Chris Freeman, youth service; and Bob Turner, youth exchange. More updates will occur at subsequent meetings, Diane assured.

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