Need a special occasion wine? Remember our Rotary sponsors

Posted on: Friday, 10 September 2021

Pearl Rotary fundraisers -- back to Bet on the Pearl and now with the annual golf tournament -- have seen remarkable support from wineries.

2021's event, in conjunction with the New Generations RC, was no exception.

Eight Willamette Valley vineyards contributed multiple bottles of quality wine to PPRC (many were in the $50-75 range retail). Those generous contributors:

  • Elk Cove Vineyards
  • Hazelfern Cellars
  • White Rose Estate
  • Chehalem Winery
  • Seufert Winery
  • Willakenzie Estate
  • RR Wines
  • Kramer Vineyards

From New Generations:

  • Soter Winery
  • Waugh Winery
  • Willamette Wine Storage

The impressive collection of wine for the tourney Aug. 22 (PPRC's accumulation included individual bottle donations from members) was buffeted by bottles collected by New Generations (and some too by benefactor LEAP).

Hey, fellow Rotarians: Special occasion ahead? Wine needed for a gift? Or for no such event in mind, but your tastebuds say "quality" wanted? Keep these wineries in mind and return the support they've given us.

(Images: Special packages of wines for the golf tournament were prepared by vintners, including Elk Cove and White Rose.)

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