It was fellowship. There were winners chosen. And it was fun!

Posted on: Monday, 2 May 2022

The Monday, April 25, event--sponsored by the Portland New Generations and Pearl Rotary Clubs--culminated with District Governor Jim Boyle selecting four winning raffle tickets. The two clubs have combined forced over the last six years with summer golf tournaments to raise money. That "synergy" was noted by DG Jim as the program for sixty guests began:
"What we are finding is that the more Rotarians combine and work with others, the more we can do in the world," he said. He noted the recent $140K that Rotarians in the district raised for Ukraine relief.
When the evening began, the total in ticket sales was below $30,000 (by thousands of dollars). A paddle raise successfully pushed the total above that mark. Two club videos were shown…and then DG Jim pulled four tickets.

The winners will choose their destination in the following order: 

  • Jenny Stadler (plus $1,000 in cash)
  • Christian Giusto
  • Megan Schmidt
  • Judy McMorine

Perry Swanson, PPRC, sold winner #1 – he was also the runner-up in ticket sales; Adam Young (PNG) sold #2, Emily Cupo (PNG) sold #3 and Jerry Baysinger, co-leader of the Travelganza), sold #4 at Camas-Washougal RC. (Jerry: "It is a little surprising that only one of the winners (#4) is a Rotarian.") 


Said Jerry (pictured at the Ecotrust podium: "I am humbled by the incredible support of PPRC and PNG members, starting with the donation of the use of four fantastic homes [NY, Wash. state, Florida, San Diego], the sale of over 3,000 raffle tickets and the logistical support that made the Raffle Bash so much fun." 
Special thanks to:
Destination home donors Tom McDougal, Kipp McGill, Joe & Judi Taylor and Jonelle Anderson. Thank you for sharing!The PNG and PPRC clubs whose members enthusiastically supported ticket sales and funded the Raffle Bash.

Jim Boyle

Lead ticket sellers Lisa Dixon of PNG and Don Smith of PPRC.
Don is in a class by himself with 265 tickets sold. The top four sellers accounted for 20% of the raffle total. Thanks for going extra mile! 

Everyone who attended the Raffle Bash and those who generously gave even more during the paddle raise, putting us over the top.

Emily Cupo and Tiffany Salzman for preparing videos highlighting the service activities of both clubs. 

Event co-hosts Lori Beight and Mathew Weber (pictured below).
District Governor Jim Boyle (pictured drawing tickets). 

Raffle committee members Pat Mahoney, Emily Cupo, Tom McDougal and Diane Brandsma. 

When all the IOUs come in, we will have raised over $30,000, exceeding proceeds from our 2019 raffle by 67%.

Tuesday Morning at 7:30am
Breakfast Included 
Ecotrust Building
721 NW 9th Ave #200
Portland, OR 97209
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