Pearl Rotary nears 50-year mark

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 January 2024

"Do you know the significance of January 14th?" President Diane asked when opening the Jan.16th PPRC breakfast meeting at Ecotrust.

The date marked the 49th birthday of the club. And she suggested a 50th event for the Pearl club may happen:

"Here we are going strong and important as we look to the 50th event."

The Zoom-only meeting was necessary due to the impending ice, snow, rain and sleet storm which would soon hit Portland. During "Brag," Rotarians heard of storm damage that had inflicted lost electricity for several (including forced moving from their homes) and also damage by a tree to a pickup of Walt Swan's. But there was good news too: Joan Pendergast, joining us from Kentucky, noted she and her twin sister had marked their 90th birthdays (of course, Joan said she had knitting projects going, probably as she joined her fellow Rotarians).

The session included a continuation of committee reports that had begun a week earlier: Dave Scott, vocational chair; Jan Berger; club service; Don Smith, social justice; Tiffany Salzman, Pearl Fund; and Sid Smith. communications.

The continuous visit of wintry weather closed public schools for a week…made the third Wednesday Transition Projects' meal a challenge (thanks to Corey Omey, the Scotts, David and Sheila, and Tiffany for, respectively, organization during the emergency, meal preparation, and brownies; PPRC members got an email from Corey)…and resulted in a postponement of the NAYA vocational visit Thursday afternoon.

Tuesday Morning at 7:30am
Breakfast Included 
Ecotrust Building
721 NW 9th Ave #200
Portland, OR 97209
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