"You can't do it" never uttered as PHAME shares arts with disabled

Posted on: Monday, 21 March 2022

On the eve of her organization's gala fundraiser (PHAMEtastic 2022), Jenny Stadler visited Portland Pearl Rotary as its Tuesday morning breakfast speaker (3/15/22).

PHAME's executive director since 2017, Jenny brought the story of her organization's commitment to providing arts opportunities for people with disabilities in the Portland area.

"Imagine a world where people are told, 'You can't do it.'"

PHAME, Jenny said, "serves adults with developmental disabilities who are constantly shut out from the arts…People with disabilities love the arts just like us."

The 38-year-old non-profit stresses education, performance and community through both performances and ten-week classes (both virtual and in-person). Tapping the talent within its served population, PHAME encourages creativity, writing and set design. "We serve adults with developmental disabilities and we're not going to just feed them Disney," Jenny asserted.

The pandemic was particularly stressful for Phame and its participants who typically thrive in community settings. Leaders created classes through Zoomed online video sessions. Not only did PHAME reach its Portland audience. "Now we have participants from all over the country," Jenny shared.

The impact of PHAME was demonstrated on a video played for PPRC, displaying how one adult male was thriving in the arts (and included the positive observations of his sisters). Learn more about PHAME at: phamepdx.org.

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