President: Adina Flynn
President-Elect: Paul Thompson
Secretary: John Kirby
Treasurer: Jeff Pratt
Immediate Past President: Tara Mussulman


International: Jordan Weisman
Community: Jonelle Anderson
Club Service: Janet Young
Vocational: Roger Devine
Youth: Darcy Rose


Parliamentarian: Jerry Baysinger
Communications: Tara Mussulman
The Rotary Foundation: Phil Rothrock
Fundraising: Lori Beight and Pat Mahoney, co-chairs
Membership: Perry Swanson and Elizabeth Cramer, co-chairs

Other PPRC leaders (not on voting board)

Youth Exchange: Kelly Morrow
Registrar: Larry Berman
Peace Committee: Tracy Vicario
Programs: George Wright
Secretary: Matthew Lillard

Portland Pearl Rotary Club - One of Portland, Oregon's Fastest Growing Clubs