PPRC Musicians Have A New Name

Posted on: Thursday, 20 July 2017

Pearl Peacemakers of PPRC“Pearl Peacemakers” has replaced the seven-year old PPRC "Jerry and the Pacemakers"--music leader/Rotarian Jerry Baysinger reports. Just one letter added to get from Pace to Peace which seems right for PPRC, Peace Club. It’s never been about “Jerry”; there are four or five of us who learn the songs and lead each week, providing a spark of music to start the meetings with great energy. Finally, Pearl Peacemakers is unique to Pearl Rotary . . . whereas Gerry and Pacemakers has its own page on Wikipedia (chronicling the '60 British band). Pictured at the June 27th transitional meeting are (from left): Pat Mahoney, Jerry, Matt Lillard, Anne Oneill.

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