Two months in Portland (and at Benson H.S.)

Posted on: Wednesday, 1 November 2017

by Kush Gandhi

I am enjoying my exchange at the fullest; my school is going great. I have financial literacy in school  [Benson] which is my favorite subject and I am gaining experience in my building construction class in school with woodwork and other construction techniques.

My host family (the Zichs) is the best family I could get on my exchange; they support me with everything and also keep doing activities to keep me engaged. My dad cooks the best food I have ever had in the United States. I have a lot of new friends including students from the school and exchange students.

Right now I am on my west coast tour and I have enjoyed the past seven days like never before. Bonding with all the exchange students, sharing memories and making new ones, shopping and the fun moments we had on the bus and during stops are completely unforgettable.

Overall, my exchange cannot be any better and I love the way it is going on right now.

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